What Will Be the Educational Impacts of COVID-19?

The effects of COVID-19 on schools and higher education have been widespread. In fact, the pandemic has closed nearly one-third of the world’s schools. The consequences of the disease will affect millennials for many years to come. It will likely constrict their opportunities for higher education, prevent them from entering the workforce, and affect their family support. A study published in Science in July 2017 estimated that a COVID pandemic could affect US economies by $128 billion to $188 billion each year.

Schools need to prepare now for the crisis. They must invest in a three-pronged plan to help educate students and build the infrastructure to meet the demands of a rapidly changing educational environment. The first phase of the three-pronged plan must prepare schools for the crisis and to compensate for lost time and ground. The second phase is to lay the foundation for a shift in the education system. It requires substantial resources and strong collaboration among all stakeholders.

As a result of the coronavirus, many students will lose months of academic progress and fall behind. According to the study authors, students will begin the new school year with average learning gains of 44 percent in math and 66 percent in reading. The math situation is worse, as many students are unlikely to continue to read with their families. That will further widen the achievement gap. These are just some of the effects of the coronavirus.

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