What Can I Lie About to My Car Insurance Provider?

Some of the things that you can lie about when you fill out your car insurance application are your annual mileage and where you park your vehicle overnight. For example, if you tell your insurance provider that you always park your car in a secure garage, but you only drive 2,000 miles a month and abandon it on the side of the road, that could lead to a higher premium. The same applies if you park in the wrong place, like a parking space on a street.

Lying on your car insurance application is a serious violation. Lie on your application and your policy could be cancelled. Insurance companies will verify your claims history and can even press charges against you. You should only lie to get a better rate on your policy if you really are desperate for it. Rather, work with a reputable and affordable insurance company. It is much better for you and your family to pay a lower premium on your car insurance.

Another common mistake is lying about the number of miles you drive every day. If you’re a pizza delivery man, you might be underinsured, but insurance companies won’t know it! They also can look up your past accidents and speeding tickets to see if you’ve been in an accident. Lyft and Uber drivers, in particular, are particularly vulnerable. Therefore, it’s best to be honest about the mileage you drive.

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