The Best Five Arts and Fashion Institutes of Germany

The Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design is an excellent choice for students looking to study fashion and design. Students can expect a quality education from this institution, which has a history of producing top fashion designers. This university has outstanding facilities for sports, academics, and a student exchange program. Students will study fashion design and develop their skills in this historic institution. It is also known as one of Germany’s top schools for fashion and design.

The Bauhaus University is another highly-regarded art school in Germany. The university offers various degree programmes, including the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Design. Students can also pursue a Master of Arts in Textile and Surface Design or Visual Communication. The university is 74 years old, and it has a very selective admission policy. The admission rate is between 0% and 10%, which guarantees that the students you study with here are the very best. As another prestigious institution, the Bauhaus offers courses that are focused on many different aspects of education.

If you are looking for a career in fashion or design, Germany is an excellent choice. Numerous institutes offer practice-oriented degrees that combine theory and practice to maximize your skills and qualifications. In addition to great academics, studying in Germany means you’ll be part of a beautiful, diverse, and renowned cultural environment. When studying abroad, be sure to check out these five institutions!

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