McDonald’s Should Serve Healthier Food

Why does McDonald’s have such a poor reputation when it comes to healthy food? Perhaps they should serve healthier food for the same reasons that other fast-food chains have. After all, they’re a celebrated fast-food chain. Sadly, this lack of healthy choices has resulted in a reduction in their menu over the years. They’ve even taken steps to make their menu healthier, but it seems that many of their customers do not appreciate the healthy options they used to offer.

For those who have a problem with unhealthy fast-food chains, McDonald’s is trying to make its food healthier. The McLean Deluxe was the rage in the 1990s, and has fewer calories than the average salad. Salads are only about two or three percent of their total sales. The introduction of McCafe coffee drinks was also successful. But what about the rest of the menu?

The Happy Meal contains the least amount of healthy foods. A hamburger Happy Meal contains 475 calories, 16g of fat, 5.5g of saturated fat, 62g of carbohydrates, 22g of protein, and a whopping 680mg of sodium. McDonald’s famous fries are also high in calories. Dessert options include milkshakes, soft-serve ice cream, and warm bakery-style items.

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