Is Bashar J Katou Fake?

Bashar J Katou, an Iraqi born and American settled entrepreneur, is an internet sensation and social media influencer. He’s a YouTube star, Instagram star, public speaker, and the founder of BJK University. Born in Iraq, Bashar moved to the US in 2006 with his family. His restaurant business collapsed in 2015, leaving him heavily in debt Densipaper.

Bashar has since withdrawn from community support and individual coaching, although this doesn’t mean that the program is fake. Some members say that the community support wasn’t helpful and the reviews were superficial magazines2day. However, BJK University has recently added more coaches and webinars for its students, which suggests that Bashar truly cares about helping people lifestylemission.

Katou believes that Amazon FBA is a viable option for many people. If done correctly, it can even replace a typical job. He’s seen success with his courses and is excited to expand his educational offering. He’s also set up his own website, BJK University, and has even getliker produced an eBook titled “Bashar J Katou: A Real Entrepreneur


Bashar J Katou’s Amazon FBA program is aimed at helping people start and run a profitable online business. In the program, he teaches people how to discover profitable products and leapfrog them to the first page of Amazon’s search results. Ninety percent of all Amazon sales take place on the first page of search results. Katou also teaches people how to automate their business and build an online empire ventsmagazine.

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