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Innovative Pieces of Furniture for a Bedroom

A bed dominates the room, so you can’t add much more storage. But you can make use of a windowsill. For example, you can add a slim leaning ladder to your bedroom. Instead of relying on nails, you can hang accessories from the ladder. A bedside table like Goldi Locks is the perfect choice. Its sleek design and three drawers strike the right balance between form and function. It will perfectly complement the color scheme of your bedroom.

Accent walls make bedrooms visually separate from the living room. A contrasting color or accent wall adds visual separation. Cute storage options can help fill awkward spaces, while wall art can make your bedroom look more spacious. Narrow cabinetry, for example, recedes visually when painted the same color as your walls, making the space appear more airy and open. Decorative pieces like lamps and framed art make an important contribution to a bedroom.

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A unique headboard can also be a great way to make a statement in a bedroom. The Luciano Frigerio bed is owned by Emiliano Salci. Srila Chatterjee and Mahesh Mathai’s Mumbai bedroom is full of character. A whimsical fabric covering the walls of Michael S. Smith’s Beverly Hills bedroom gives it personality. Cowtan & Tout is a fabric company that sells fun, whimsical pieces.

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