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How Long of Videos Can I Send Someone on Instagram?

When you’re trying to get your friends to watch your video, you’re likely wondering “How long can I send someone on Instagram?” The short answer is 280 seconds, which is plenty of time to talk about the best parts of your day. To make your video longer, you can edit it manually or use a third-party video editing tool like CutStory. If you don’t want your videos to be too long, you can also add captions to the end of the video, which makes it easier to watch without sound.

Instagram has strict guidelines about the length of videos that you can post on the platform. Videos must be less than 60 seconds, although you can upload longer ones. The length limits may change in the future, so be sure to check the app regularly to see if anything changes. You can also repost your videos to get more attention. To learn when to post on Instagram, read our tips for posting on the platform.

Once you’ve decided on the subject, the next step is to choose what type of video you want to send. Instagram supports both video and photo formats. If you want to send a longer video, you can use the ‘Direct Messages’ feature. Simply open the recipient’s profile, select their name, and then tap the ‘+’ symbol. Select the video that you want to share. You can also select a video from your camera roll.

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