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Home Decor – What Home Decor Makes Your House Look Dated?

What makes a house look dated? It can be as simple as outdated window treatments. Keeping out-of-date fabrics on your windows will only make your house look dated. Also, if your window coverings are heavy and not made from contemporary fabrics, your house will look dated. Heavy fabrics also block natural light. Choose semi-sheer window coverings to add a modern look. Pastel pinks and greens may have been fashionable in the 1950s but will not look modern today. A better option is to use a white curtain or blind with polished chrome trim.

Another thing that makes your house look dated is textured walls. Unpainted trim work and unpainted walls can make a room look dated. Repainting those walls with a modern wallpaper will give your house a fresh look. Wallpaper borders can also make a house look dated. While they might look great at first, the latest trends will make them look dated. Freshly painted walls and modern wallpaper will refresh your house.

Old light fixtures are another culprit of dated design. Gold fixtures are an outdated look. Choose brushed nickel or classic bronze light fixtures instead. Alternatively, you can opt for an industrial style ceiling light. Arched floor lamps have a classic look and feel. Avoid wallpaper with busy patterns and flower prints. You can also consider painting the wall in a fun design. The choice is yours! Once you’ve changed the color scheme of your walls, you can now replace the wallpaper.

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