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Home Decor Trends for 2019

Natural materials are making a comeback, and this trend is not limited to furniture. It can also extend to walls and tabletops. You can add textured wallpaper with floral patterns, and use bright colours to create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you want to create a cozy feel in your home or add character to your interior design, the natural look is sure to be in. Listed below are some trends you should be on the lookout for in 2019:

Mid-century modern design has ruled for several years. Designers at West Elm have created contemporary interpretations of classic MCM pieces. Eames chairs and Mad Men-inspired bar carts are among the most popular Pinterest pins. Mid-century modern design is renowned for its practicality and clean lines. Professional designers have forecast the changing styles tides for the coming year and they are sure to come true.

Living Coral is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2019. It’s a vibrant pinky-orange hue with a warm, optimistic tone. It works well both in large and small spaces. Peach-toned feature walls are sure to make an impact in a home filled with eclectic furniture, while sparse coral touches will bring punchy playfulness to a minimalist space. Living Coral is a spirited tone that punctuates other colours. As Pantone predicts, it will dominate the world of interiors, fashion, and technology in 2019.

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