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Believe that everyone who wants to build a house to live in the present and considering the future, everyone wants a good, beautiful house with good feng shui to enhance the luck of the residents inside the house. Building a house is not easy. because I don’t know where to start and how to design. Today we will introduce how to build a house. Design a home that is pleasant for everyone. And it may cause many people to change the idea of ​​how difficult it is to be very easy. So don’t delay, let’s get started first. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

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  1. Clear selection of home design style It is very necessary to design one house. We need to define the style of the house clearly and to suit the location of the house. like a minimalist house: Modern style, Loft style, European, Japanese, various according to the preferences and interests of the homeowner The important thing is that it is easy to decorate the interior in the same direction. Make it look absolutely beautiful.
  2. Choose a house style to suit the size of the area. For example, the area to build a house is very large. It is wise to choose a style that is not too simple in order to prevent too much open space in the house. or if friends Anyone who has a wide house area but likes a simple style. can bring another style that looks a little gimmicky that can be blended together. It is considered a good home design ever.
  3. Choose the position of the house to suit the direction of sunlight and wind. Of course, the key to perfecting a home is feng shui for the location of the house and the furniture. Should choose the direction of the front door, window, balcony to suit the direction of the wind. Therefore, create a room that needs sunlight. Or a room that looks very humid, turn to the sunlight. with a door window to help sunlight and the wind escaped through, taking away all the moisture and darkness.
  4. Design the area of ​​the house to be well ventilated. In addition to the inside of the house that should take into account the direction of the wind and sunlight. There is also an area around Any home that must take into account this point as well. By looking at the paths, gardens, resting spots, trees should be placed in any angle that would be appropriate. And should not plant large trees next to balconies and windows because they may cause the height of the trees to obscure the view in the house to look dark.
  5. Appropriately allocating the size of each area is important in the design of the house. by arranging the size of the space in each room and placement of furniture at each point to make it perfect Help the house look cluttered. and a more orderly proportion
  6. A good home design must consider soundproofing outside the house. the homeowner must determine which room Places in any part of the house should not be exposed to external disturbances. such as the bedroom next to the front of the house May cause insomnia due to the noise of the car at night
  7. Consider the future and the people in the house Because some people do not build houses to live alone. But there are also family members such as young children and the elderly, so every part of the house should be designed to accommodate the members of the house. including myself when I’m older

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